He was malnourished, had wounds on his face and ears, and a respiratory infection.

His body was in poor condition upon arrival at Lake County Animal Shelter, a local no-kill shelter in Tavares, FL. Additionally, Runt is an elderly cat, estimated to be around 14 years old.

Once at the shelter, Runt was treated until ready for a foster home. Blythe fostered Runt temporarily with her other pets.

In an interview, Blythe shared that Runt adapted well with the other senior cats in the new place. Runt slept comfortably like it was his home.

It was clear to Blythe that he belonged in the house; she couldn’t let him go. Runt finally had a home of his own.

Runt is a friendly cat who gets along well with all pets in the house, including puppies and kittens.

Once, Blythe brought a foster kitten home, and Runt cared for it. Blythe thought the foster kitten wouldn’t survive, but it did thanks to Runt.

Last April, Blythe adopted two orphaned kittens, Dolly and Reece.

Dolly was shy and restless, but Runt became a parent for both. Now, Dolly seeks love from Runt.

Today, Runt cares for orphaned kittens as their father figure. He loves and cares for them, as if his purpose is to uplift all the other rescued animals.

At Blythe’s house, Runt lives with Sassy, Pixie, and Petunia. Petunia is a cute cat with facial injuries who came to the shelter. In the past, Petunia was shot in the face as a kitten.

Now, she’s content. Today, Blythe shares pet photos to highlight the wonders of shelter animals.