Prom is a memorable event during our time in school, but it is accompanied by a considerable amount of pressure. There are significant choices that need to be made.

What should be worn and who should be brought.

The biggest question frequently pertains to choosing who to bring. It is crucial to choose a person whom you have a positive affinity for, someone with whom you can relax and feel at ease, someone you will relish spending the whole night with.

Looking for an appropriate date can easily become a major source of frustration. Occasionally, when faced with an issue, it is necessary to consider unconventional approaches. Simply inquire with Sam Steingard.

Sam Steingard, a teenager, faced difficulties in securing a prom date. However, he came up with the most adorable solution to overcome this predicament.

As per The Animal Rescue Site, as he had no intention of spending much time at the prom, he opted to substitute a conventional prom partner with his cat Ruby.

Ever since the Steingard family stumbled upon Ruby as a tiny kitten behind a Ruby Tuesday restaurant, she has become an integral member of their household.

Presently, for over a decade, Ruby has formed an integral part of Sam’s existence, and she was genuinely ecstatic to accompany her beloved owner to prom.

Joanne, Stengaird’s mother, ensured Ruby had the appropriate appearance for the important occasion.

She purchased a lovely dress for her and also provided her with a shiny collar to complement the ensemble perfectly.

Ruby, initially possessing beauty, transformed into an extraordinary beauty at the ball.

After both of them were dressed impeccably, Joanne took some classic prom photographs capturing the charming couple.

One of Sam’s sister’s pictures was subsequently uploaded on the internet and gained rapid popularity.

Currently, the image has garnered millions of views and has spread widely across the internet through numerous reposts. The funny duo is adored by everyone, and Ruby has captured the hearts of people worldwide.

Ruby’s newfound popularity has led to the creation of an Instagram account called “rubytheprettykitty,” which provides followers with additional content featuring her and the Steingard family.